Healthcare Providers

Benefits of ATHERO Test

Currently, LDL particles in serum or plasma samples are measured via NMR or ultracentrifugation and ion mobility methods for the clinical evaluation of patients with atherosclerosis-related cardiovascular diseases. However, these methods all require expensive equipment and complicated sample preparation steps. By comparison, the flow cytometry-based ATHEROLoad™ Test requires only a one-step incubation of the serum sample with plaque-forming fluorescently labeled cholesterol; there is no need to wash or change buffers. Therefore, it is the most direct, cost-effective and simple-to-use test.

Benefits of StatRes Test

Statins are known to have side effects such as muscle and liver damage. Our StatRes™ test combines a drug and diagnostic test in a single assay to predict statin efficacy using serum samples. This test was developed to pre-screen a patient’s serum specimen with multiple statins available on the market and allows physicians to select the most appropriate type of statin for each dyslipidemia patient. In this way, the toxicity of statins due to random trials can be significantly reduced. Physicians and patients do not need to wait for weeks or even months to determine the drug response. The corresponding medical expenses may also be lowered.

Benefits of AMY Load Test

The early detection of AD may help physicians to prescribe appropriate medical interventions to slow the progression of the disease in affected patients. At the societal level, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most costly diseases to society in developed countries. Although no effective drug is currently available to reverse AD and related dementias, an early diagnosis may allow caregivers to take precautionary steps to protect the patients.