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Plaxgen is a Nanobiotechnology company dedicated to developing innovative technologies for effective diagnosis and drug discovery focused on plaque-associated diseases. Plaxgen’s proprietary and patent pending “Plaque Array” platform was developed for illuminating and detecting plaque particles related to origin and progression of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. The Flow cytometry based Plaque Array is a rapid screening method for testing in vitro cholesterol and amyloid plaque particles formation in blood (serum) samples. The Plaque Array is currently under clinical development for rapid and non-invasive diagnosis of atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.


Plaque Array based non-invasive diagnosis
Simple, cost effective and no wash assay
Requires small volume of serum samples for rapid detection of AD and atherosclerosis patients
High reproducibility and validated in clinical samples
Stratification of patients based on plaque particles count, sub-types and phenotypes analysis
Suitable for evaluation of drug efficacy in atherosclerosis and AD patients
Plaque Array based drug discovery
Mimics in vivo AD, atherosclerosis, and other plaque related diseases
Targeting novel mechanism of accelerated atherosclerotic and amyloid plaques formation to discover effective anti-plaque drugs
High throughput screening of chemical or protein libraries to rapidly identify leads
Detects atherosclerotic and amyloid plaques development in preclinical mice models using serum samples

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